Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nerdy and Excited.


"Lucy" Polaris, Columbus, OH

So I don't have any new cookies to post today but I am pretty excited because I special ordered a cookie cutter that shipped today. I cannot wait to show you all these cookies. I'm hoping they are going to be awesomely amazing :) I'm hoping to make them this weekend once the cutter is delivered. Another cookie I am going to make is a Nutella cookie. I decided that I am going to make this cookie Gluten free. A lot of parents are cutting out Gluten so why not make one that everyone can eat? Cross your fingers that it is pure yumminess. I am looking for some events that I can market the cookies at. Can anyone help me with this? I mean it's free cookies!?!?! What's better than that? Email me at or tweet me @missylinton.

I hope everyone's week is going great despite the rain!

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