Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tasting event with Camelot Wines!

I wanted to post a quick blog with pictures from last nights tasting at Camelot Cellars. The event went very very well with around 65-70 guests there. It meant the world to me to see some faces there. Especially some high school friends, family, and my mom's best friend from high school and college room mate! We are thinking about putting together another tasting in the spring with all spring flavors... Think key lime! I am so appreciative of everyone's support and kind words. I'm a happy girl this morning.

Setting up the event

Me with the first spread. 500 cookies total...

YDC display

Items for purchase

Very beginning of the evening. I got busy and didn't get any pictures when Camelot was full :(

My table of friends :) amazing people.

The back room

Such a beautiful place.

The wine wall.

Myself with some great friends.

Girls night out ladies minus Claudia and Jess!

Hopefully I will have some more pictures to post once I receive more!

Remember along with the flavors from last night (Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackberry, and Raspberry) we are also offering for the holidays Cinnamon, Eggnog, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Peppermint.

Please email me at for any questions or Tweet me!

Thank you all again for your support and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and as a Fashion grad.... Have a fabulous black Friday!!! :)


Monday, September 12, 2011

My 9/11 post

Hi all. I meant to do this post yesterday. I have to admit I tried to ignore most of the 9/11 specials yesterday. While it was heavily on my mind, those memories are still hard to watch and to think what those poor people suffered is still hard to swallow 10 years later. As an American citizen I felt at the end of the day it was my duty to watch one and I did. I watched the special where a camera man followed the FDNY that day and actually had footage inside the tower as it collapsed. It was an amazing film. It was raw and real. Here are my memories....

My mom and I at Battery Park 4 months prior to the attack. This is what they used as the morgue.

Our group at Liberty Island 4 months prior to the attack.

4 months before the attack

A post card my best friend sent me from her visit in 1999.

Back at Liberty Island in 2006. I climbed the Statue of Liberty to the very top of her crown in 2001 with my mom, you are not allowed to do so anymore since the attack.

At ground zero in 2006. They had pictures up all around the rubble of the attacks. It was very quiet and most people there didn't speak.

Sorry, it's sideways :/ 5 years later and it still looked like this...

I am proud to have seen the towers before the attack and it always bothered me that I was there so close to the attack. Being in NYC pre and post the attack are very different visits.

God bless everyone affected by this tragedy and those who are still mourning lost loved ones.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our new website!!!


We have finally launched our own website!

You are able to place your order on this site and through Paypal. You will have to include the specifics of the design and color in a message if you are ordering cut out cookies. I will still be blogging from this blog and updating it with new cookies as I make them. I am still in the process of deciding what cookies outside the Buckeye and cut outs that will be on the menu. If there is ever a certain type you need I am sure that I can whip them up :) We also can now ship cookies with the added price of shipping and handling.

I'm also so excited about the new business cards I ordered! They are so cute!

Also a BIG shout out to Jackie Shull for all the help with the website and business cards! I truly appreciate it! Love ya!

Thank you to everyone for your support and help!!!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm still alive... Promise!

Hi all!

It's been way too long since I have blogged! So usually I just post one duck picture but I've collected a few since the last post :)

Aren't they perfect? ;)

I wanted to let everyone know that we will be having cookies at the JaneTv event this Thursday at Camelot Cellars from 7:00-9:00. Jane is doing great things for women in Columbus and its going to be so exciting to watch it take off! All girls should be there to have fun, drink wine, and eat a cookie. We are so excited to be a part of this event.

I went to a cookout a few weeks ago and the host had made these cupcakes. How cute are they?

I've been thinking about trying to get my cookies in some cafe's or coffee shops around Columbus. I need to get working on this! I think this would be so exciting!

I'm all about trying new local restaurants around Columbus. Here are a few that i have loved!!!
-Press Grill has become a weekly or some weeks twice weekly dinner spot. It has good dinner specials and amazing white pizza and macaroni and cheese.
-Nancy's is a breakfast/brunch eatery. It is very small but you sit and watch them grill your food in front of you. I recommend a breakfast sandwich and home fries. It is as home cooked as you can get.
-Jack and Bennys is also a breakfast eatery. It is also small and family ran. Their menu is huge and offer around 20 different omelets. I have a weakness for potato pancakes and they have delicious ones! Oh and the pancakes???? They have about 8 different kinds... Including Reeses!

So if you are looking for a new small place to eat that is all about local home cooked meals, give these places a try!!!

Have a great day and i hope to see you girls Thursday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Duck duck duck... GOOSE


Geese & duck invasion, Franklin Park

So I have been waiting to do this post until I got all the pictures I needed to post it :)

Last Monday was the Drink Up Cbus event at Woodland's Tavern. I had the honor of taking themed cookies to the event. I met so many great new people! It was just a great night all around. You all need to check out this great blog!



Thank you so much to Cheryl Harrison for letting me be part of such a great event!

If anyone else is interested in having Yellow Duck cater their event please contact me. I will add a discount for larger orders.

I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July and long weekend. I had a nice relaxing 5 days off and I just don't want it to end!!! Here are a few pictures from my Fourth!

Roomie did my hair :) yes I wanted fabric/lace braided in!

We didn't mean this big... Haha

I finally found a sushi I like!!! (all vegetables)

I did karaoke for the first time ever! Between Picture, Fancy, and Mr Brightside... Well I'm surprised they still had customers!

Have a good week everyone!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Come meet me tonight!


I wanted to do a quick blog post about tonight....

Drink Up Columbus is having their launch party tonight at Woodland's Tavern from 7:00-11:00. They write about and support anything from social events around the town, craft beer, local businesses, and pretty much all things Central Ohio or alcohol based.

Yellow Duck Cookies will have cookies at the event decorated in true Drink Up Columbus style. I mean who says no to a free cookie, great drink specials, and amazing company?

Please come meet me tonight and give my cut out cookie a taste! Let me know what you think!!!!

Sorry no sneak peaks :)))

Hope to see you all!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Summertime


Westerville, OH

I have been so bad about blogging this month. Shame on me :(

Well my birthday came and went. It was a nice chill birthday. The week after was not so chill for many many reasons. Haha. But here are some pictures from that week :)

And here are some things from the kitchen!

@courtelston giant graduation cookie :) yes, that's a giant cut out cookie!

I am in the process of experimenting with cookie pops. Just wanted to try them out a few times. It is quite a thick cookie :)

A custom order for someone. I loved these ones!

Me and my dog snuggling in bed :) I just think this picture is funny haha

This is my mom's original cook book. It's falling apart and has to stay in a ziploc now :( I'm not sure if it was anyone's before my mom had it. Some recipes are on a type writer and some are hand written. I treasure this book :)

I am still looking for new events to cater or ways for people to try my cookies so if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way!!!

I wanted to post a picture with my daddy for Father's Day. This is at the OSU vs OU game this past season. We are a family of Bobcats, our whole family went there. And Jackie... But she went to BGSU, but she joined in :) I'm looking forward to seeing my dad again :( I'm a homesick girl.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday and such.


Lewis Center, OH

So first up is well it is my birthday this Sunday. I usually hate my birthday and don't like to celebrate much but this year I seem to be more excited for it for some reason. If you are struggling what to get me here is an idea :)

I bought new shoes Saturday... I rarely buy new shoes because I get such an attachment to certain pairs and wear them to death. Example: my Chucks I bought in 2004. Here are my new shoes I'm so excited about :)

In case you didn't know I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was 6. I used to go to the town drug store and they had one little display to shop from and it was the most exciting thing ever for me. I found these today and cannot wait to make them!!!

Congrats to my favorite band @Eisley for making the Nylon Music Edition!!! So excited for them!

So I made some cookies... Shocker! First up are the baseball cookies and Berne Union High School graduation ones I made. I know they look like hot dogs...go BUHS Rockets.

Tonight I made cookies for my best friends brothers rehearsal dinner. (mouthful) Congrats to The Hoon's!

I hope you all have a great short work week and it flies by!!!