Monday, September 12, 2011

My 9/11 post

Hi all. I meant to do this post yesterday. I have to admit I tried to ignore most of the 9/11 specials yesterday. While it was heavily on my mind, those memories are still hard to watch and to think what those poor people suffered is still hard to swallow 10 years later. As an American citizen I felt at the end of the day it was my duty to watch one and I did. I watched the special where a camera man followed the FDNY that day and actually had footage inside the tower as it collapsed. It was an amazing film. It was raw and real. Here are my memories....

My mom and I at Battery Park 4 months prior to the attack. This is what they used as the morgue.

Our group at Liberty Island 4 months prior to the attack.

4 months before the attack

A post card my best friend sent me from her visit in 1999.

Back at Liberty Island in 2006. I climbed the Statue of Liberty to the very top of her crown in 2001 with my mom, you are not allowed to do so anymore since the attack.

At ground zero in 2006. They had pictures up all around the rubble of the attacks. It was very quiet and most people there didn't speak.

Sorry, it's sideways :/ 5 years later and it still looked like this...

I am proud to have seen the towers before the attack and it always bothered me that I was there so close to the attack. Being in NYC pre and post the attack are very different visits.

God bless everyone affected by this tragedy and those who are still mourning lost loved ones.

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