Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday and such.


Lewis Center, OH

So first up is well it is my birthday this Sunday. I usually hate my birthday and don't like to celebrate much but this year I seem to be more excited for it for some reason. If you are struggling what to get me here is an idea :)

I bought new shoes Saturday... I rarely buy new shoes because I get such an attachment to certain pairs and wear them to death. Example: my Chucks I bought in 2004. Here are my new shoes I'm so excited about :)

In case you didn't know I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was 6. I used to go to the town drug store and they had one little display to shop from and it was the most exciting thing ever for me. I found these today and cannot wait to make them!!!

Congrats to my favorite band @Eisley for making the Nylon Music Edition!!! So excited for them!

So I made some cookies... Shocker! First up are the baseball cookies and Berne Union High School graduation ones I made. I know they look like hot dogs...go BUHS Rockets.

Tonight I made cookies for my best friends brothers rehearsal dinner. (mouthful) Congrats to The Hoon's!

I hope you all have a great short work week and it flies by!!!

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